Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Fellow Prepper Screwed by His (and my) State. They stole his gun rights...

Last week National Geographic's new series, Doomsday Preppers, debuted. If features preppers from various walks of life. David Sarti was stripped of his Constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms by his and my home state of Tennessee. Mr. Sarti was declared mentally defective after a visit with his cardiologist of all people. Mr. Sarti is a character to say the least. He has a larger than life sense of humor and quiet frankly just seems like a good timin' good ole boy Tennessean just like myself and many others.

David's gun rights were not the only thing taken away. He was and avid shooter and the state took a major part of his life. There are multiple reports all over the internet claiming that the state seized all of his firearms; that is untrue. While his rights were stomped on he was able make his guns "disappear" before the state could take them. He says that if he gets his right back they will re-appear. I like his style!

I am not judging but Mr. Sarti is very overweight. I do not feel offensive saying that because he obviously knows by constant remarks on his YouTube video. His health issues took him to a cardiologist that for whatever reason thought he was suicidal. Instead of telling David's story I will let you hear it directly from his mouth.

Now that you have seen that you need to know some developments. Mr. Sarti initially gave up prepping and decided to stop recording his YouTube based prepping show. He has decided to keep doing the show for his audience. He also started working with an NRA attorney that, a day later, decided to retract his help. Currently there is a "Support the NRA" button on the side of my site. It will be removed very shortly. If an NRA attorney can't help this man then what good are they? Watch his next video:

And this next video is where he tells us about the NRA lawyer dropping him:
How can you help you ask? Share this post on Facebook and Twitter is one way to spread the word. There is a petition you can sign too. CLICK HERE to sign it.

I will be contacting multiple organization including the Second Amendment Foundation. I will keep you guys posted with the progress. It is crucial that we act on this. It could happen to any one of us.